Prenatal Pilates with Dale Shea
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DVD Review: Prenatal Pilates with Dale Shea

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prenatal pilates

4 Prenatal Pilates Workouts

Some prenatal Pilates workout programs on DVD are very soft and easy. They float along in a round way, sort of like we project pregnant moms feel all the time. But that's not what is going in Dale Shea's Prenatal Pilates DVD - and, of course, not what's always going on with pregnant moms.

For those who are fit and want to stay that way through their pregnancy, the workouts on Prenatal Pilates clip along at a pace that could be an answer to the too slow prenatal exercise DVDs. On the other hand, if you are pregnant and just getting into regular exercise to help ensure a healthy pregnancy (great idea)or you are having a delicate pregnancy, these might not be the workouts for you. Dale is a trained Pilates instructor with a degree in exercise science, so she has developed her workouts with modifications for pregnancy, but they do assume a certain level of flexibility and familiarity with Pilates and exercises in general.

There are 4 workouts on the Prenatal Pilates DVD with Dale Shea: one just on the mat, one with light weights, one with the resistance band, and one with a stability ball. They are not straight Pilates. They do reference Pilates but the routines include many exercises that will be familiar to those who take regular workout classes.

Dale is pregnant as she teaches these workouts. I found that inspiring as I watched her move easily through and between the exercises. She teaches with a strong energy and makes a direct connection with her viewers. I like that as well. The setting is Dales' own studio and you basically feel like you are in a small class with her. I sometimes found that the music was overrunning her voice, but overall, if you can keep up, you will have a good time and stay strong.

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